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Drivers told to exercise, road, traffic discipline

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Following the unveiling of the newest traffic light system at the Governor Ramos – Tumaga intersection last Tuesday, Mayor Beng Climaco challenged motorists to do their part by following traffic rules and regulations.

“It is a challenge to see our motorists applying traffic rules and regulations by self-disciplining themselves,” Climaco said during her Monday briefing at City Hall.

She admonished drivers who continue to blatantly disregard traffic rules and thereby contributing to the traffic jams despite the local government’s traffic efforts.

“We always cry police visibility, traffic assistance, but I think it is also incumbent upon drivers to be more disciplined,” Climaco emphasized.

The P 4.3M Governor Ramos – Tumaga intersection system is just one of the traffic light projects expected to be put up by the local government. General Services Officer Engr. Rene dela Cruz said the next traffic lights implementation will be in Governor Alvarez and Camino Nuevo.

The current traffic light system at Governor Ramos – Tumaga intersection is still on a test run, Dela Cruz said, with adjustments and calibrations to be made in line with the traffic flow and volume in the area. (Jasmine Mohammadsali)