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RPOC-9 reiterates call for profiling foreign speakers

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The Regional Peace and Order Council (RPOC) for Western Mindanao or Zamboanga Peninsula yesterday passed a resolution, reiterating an earlier appeal to the Bureau of Immigration and other agencies concerned to come up with the profiling of international speakers cum-resource persons coming to the city and other parts of the region.

The resolution authored by the RPOC-9 chair herself, Mayor Beng Climaco, came on the heels of reports that some foreign speakers would tend to propagate the ideology of violent terrorism in their speaking engagements.

Climaco cited the need to profile foreign speakers, regardless of the group they represent, and advise the host local government units about their coming and background data.

This, as she admitted that the local government units do not have the control over the arrival or entry of foreign speakers/dignitaries to the country as such is the function of the Bureau of Immigration and other national line agencies.

Early on, Lt. Gen. Carlito Galvez Jr., commander of Western Mindanao Command, filed another resolution, calling for moderation and supervision of all madaris (plural of madrasah) or Arabic schools in the region.

Gen. Galvez stressed that it’s high time to tap the Sultanate system, the Ulama, the Imam and other Islamic religious leaders in supervising and monitoring the madaris against the teaching of violent terrorism.

Basically, madrasah teaches its students how to read and write Arabic being the language of their religion Islam, but Galvez lamented that some madaris are being used by terrorist groups like ISIS to recruit members in the hinterlands.

“Our intention to moderate the teachings in madrasah is to protect the integrity of the madrasah. Hence, we need to involve the Sultans, Ulama and Imam,” the general said even as he recognized the observation that those who have studied abroad mostly in the Middle East are usually the ones using madrasah as recruitment grounds for terror groups.-(Vic Larato)