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Beng hopes NYD pilgrims to be Zambo ambassadors

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Mayor Beng Climaco has expressed optimism that the more than 2000 National Youth Day (NYD) pilgrims from all over the country will be Zamboanga City’s ambassadors of goodwill when they return to their respective places of origin after the five-day event.

Climaco said the pilgrims are gathered in the city to find God’s miracles but for Zamboanga City “they are our miracles from God” as they come not only to enjoy but also discover and experience the Zamboangueños’ diverse cultures, traditions and faiths.

“This is a lifetime opportunity for Zamboanga City to showcase its potentials,” Climaco said as she thanked the Archdiocese of Zamboanga and partners for playing good and hospitable host to the pilgrims.

She likewise thanked the security forces, the traffic enforcers and all volunteers who made their stake for the event.

The mayor, who was foster parent of five delegates, said she personally witnessed the exuberance, happiness and camaraderie of the pilgrims as they interact among themselves and with the locals during the different formation programs.

“We have witnessed the vibrancy of the NYD opening (last Monday) and we thank God for all of this, being generally peaceful and orderly to the last day today,” Climaco said over Dateline Teleradyo on TV11 yesterday morning.-(Vic Larato)

Last Updated on Tuesday, 14 November 2017 12:40