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Inventory/Directory of Registered Civil Society Organizations In Zamboanga City

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Pursuant to DILG Memorandum Circular No. 2016-97, dated July 2016, posted hereto is the inventory/director of CSOs as gathered from the Securities and Exchange Commission, Department of Agriculture, Department of Social Welfare and Development, among the other National Government Agencies. This is for the purpose of invitation for accreditation with the SP.

Should there be corrections on the information indicated in this inventory, or if you believe your CSO should be included in this inventory of CSOs, kindly email us at This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it or call us through number 991-3625.

Data for the City Planning and Development Coordinator

Name of Barangay Population (2015) No. of households (Approx.) No. of Households Served
1 Patalon 8,128 1626 59
2 Sinubong 4,689 938 0
3 Quiniput 3,329 666 0
7 Maasin 8,958 1792 292
8 Recodo 17,395 3479 467
10 Cawit 9,249 1850 376
11 Mampang 34,312 6863 492
12 Talon-talon 34,916 6984 395

Department of Agriculture Registered Organizations
High Value Crop Development

President/Representative Organization Address
Rural Improvement Club Tumaga, Zamboanga City
Monteverde 4-H Club Monteverde, Culianan, Zamboanga City
Duminican's sisters Organization Culianan, Zamboanga City
Lapaz Growers Association La Paz, Zamboanga City
Culianan Farmers Asso. Culianan, Zamboanga City
Vegetable Farmers Asso. Sinubong, Zamboanga City
Pamucutan Farmers Asso. Pamucutan, Zamboanga City
Nonita J. Bernardo, President Zamboanga Growers Cooperative Zamboanga City
Emilio Rojas, President Mampang Farmers Asociation Mampang, Zamboanga City
Natividad Gigie, President Manicahan Farmers Association Manicahan, Zamboanga City
Zamboanga City Culianan Central Nursery Culianan, Zamboanga City
Zamboanga  City Cacao and Coffee Growers Vitali, Zamboanga City
Pasobolong  Rural Improvement Club Pasobolong, Zamboanga City
Holy Rosary Association Dominicans Sisters Cilianan, Zamboanga City
Federated Mango Growers  Association Zamboanga City

Department of Agriculture Registered Organizations
Livestock Program

1 Zamboanga Dairy Cattle Ass. Inc. Dairy Cattle Production Brgy. Ayala Dairy Production
2 BEC Barangay Ecclesiastical Chapter Animal Waste Management Brgys. La Paz, Talon-Talon, and Mampang Meat Products and By-products
3 Meat Vendors & Slaughterhouse Owners Animal Waste Management Brgy. Tumaga Meat Products and By-products
4 Small Ruminants and Livestock Raisers Association Animal Waste Management Brgy. Tumaga Meat Products and By-products
5 Livestock & Poultry Farmers Association Poultry Production Brgy. Pamucutan Poultry Multiplier Farm
6 PWRD ( Persons with Work Related Disability) DOLE Animal Waste Management Brgys. Sinunuc, Ayala, and Sinubong Meat Products and By-products

SEC Registered Foundations in Zamboanga City

1 Addhiya' Foundation, Inc. G1999-00318 #394-A Fronting Maestra Vicenta, Sta. Maria Religious & Arabic Language
2 Asian Institute of Social Entrepreneurship Foundation, Inc. CN201429244 3rd Flr., Bloomingdales Dept. Store, Mindpro Mall Social entrepreneurship/skills & livelihood
3 Assunnah Foundation, Inc. CN201540020 551 Km.., Talon-Talon religious
4 Ateneo de Zamboanga High School Class '74 Scholarship Foundation, Inc. G1999-00362 12.29.1999 La Purisima St. Acad./Research
5 Ayudahan Development Foundation (Zamboanga), Inc. CN2003-10281 06.05.2003 Mexico Drive, Daap, Sangali Child dev't
6 Ayudahan Livelihood Foundation of Zamboanga (ALFZI), Inc. CN2005-26618 05.25.2005 Sta. Maria Parish livelihood assistance
7 Bangsa Moro Religious Foundation of the Philippines, Inc. ANO092 000271 164 de Leon St., Sta. Maria Spiritual Enlightenment
8 Be My Voice Foundation, Inc. CN201429256 Jahad Bldg., Km. 5 Pasonanca youth dev't.
9 Child Development Foundation, Inc. (Doing business under the name and style of Bethany Child Development Center) ANO92-003351 09.02.1992 Gov. Ramos, P. Brillantes St., Sta. Maria pre-school
10 Christian Foundation for Children and Aging Project, Zamboanga City Chapter, Inc. G2000-00098 05.25.2000 126 Veterans Ave., Extension, Tetuan scholarship
11 Compania Real de Buenestar del Communidad Fundacion, Inc. G2002-00192 08.16.2002 Zamboanga City
12 EAAB Airmen's Educational Foundation, Inc. G2002-00010 01.15.2002 Edwin Andrews Airbase, Sta. Maria REVOKED
13 Eastertech Foundation, Inc. G1998-00189 08.04.1998 12 Easter Ave., Country Club Village, Upper Calarian tech. educ.
14 Family Faith in Allah Foundation, Inc. G199800236 09.25.1998 El Paso Compound, Canelar Moret Islam Propagation
15 Faustino W. Saavedra Foundation, Inc. CN201125066 03.28.2011 Canelar Presa Dev't Prog./livelihood,scholarship
16 Fhatwa Institute Foundation, Inc. CN201132519 Diamond St., Johnston Subd.,San Jose Road welfare, medical assistance & livelihood
17 Fr. Rhoel Gallardo CMF Scholarship Foundation, Inc. CN200319712 09.08.2003 San Jose Road dev't.
18 Harmonia Zamboanga Foundation, Inc. G2002-00127 06.06.2002 Gov. Lim Ave., Sta. Catalina peace advocacy
19 Help & Saved Foundation, Inc. CN201225738 Monserrat Drive, Baliwasan dev't./livelihood
20 HMIJ Foundation-Philippine Islamic College, Inc. G1999-00193 07.20.1999 BCC Compound, San Jose Road, Baliwasan school
21 Hope for Kids Zamboanga Foundation, Inc. CN200526560 03.17.2005 Lantawan Drive, Pasonanca school
23 Integrated Community Health Foundation (ICOMHEALTH), inC. GNO94-000230 11.24.1994 College of Nursing, WMSU Normal Road health advo.
24 Jaime Acorin Diabetes Education Foundation, Inc. G2000-00062 03.23.2000 291 Canelar diabetes educ. & research
25 Jamiat Ahle Hadith Foundation Incorporated 133957 07.24.1986 Talon-Talon religious
26 Jesus is Lord Christian School Foundation Zamboanga City, Inc. G2000-00061 03.21.2000 Doña Nene Drive, Gov. Ramos Ave. Pre-school to 2ndary Educ.
27 Kapihan sa Kapayapaan Foundation, Inc. G1999-00224 08.09.1999 Zamboanga City
28 Kasanyangan - Mindanao Foundation, Inc. G1998-00298 12.14.1998 Z-445 Albert Teng Apt., MCLL Highway, Guiwan Rural Dev't.
29 Kaugmaran sa Mindanao Foundation, Inc. DS-01772 03.27.1989 Blue Gate, Buenagatas Road, Boalan REVOKED
30 La Divina Misericordia Foundation, Inc. G2002-00120 05.31.2001 Sacred Heart Center, R.T. Lim Bldv. religious
31 La Hermosa Tourism Foundation, Inc G2002-00107 05.14.2002 c/o DOT, Z.C. tourism promotion
32 Las Hijas de Nayac Foundation, Incorporated G2002-00038 02.14.2002 Zamboanga City
33 Life Watch Foundation, Inc. G2001-00017 02.01.2001 Gov. Alvarez St. health/medical assistance
34 Living Witness of Hope Foundation, Inc. G2001-00086 05.15.2001 Pluto St., Tumaga development
35 Love Your Neighbor Foundation (LYNF), Inc 93135 05.27.1980 Mahogany Lane, Upper Calarian Child dev't
36 Maharajah Agil Bin Sultan Badar-Uddin Bin Sultan Mohammad Jamalul A'lam Kingdom Foundation, Inc. CN200528618 09.16.2005 1st St., Sanroe Subd., Gov. Ramos Ave., San Roque welfare
37 Metanoia Foundation, Inc. (Oprtg. a school under the name and style of Metanoia Learning Center) CN200305535 04.21.2003 Don Alfaro St. Tetuan school
38 Mindanao Bangsamoro Development and Research Foundation, Inc. CN200526650 06.28.2005 Suterville dev't  of Bangsamoro
39 Mindanao Indigenous People Humanitarian Foundation, Inc. CN200829975 09.26.2008 Laviñas Drive Triplet, San Jose Road economic dev't.
40 Mindanao Moslem Foundation, Inc. 103066 02.03.1982 No. 1022, 4th St., Aurora Village, Guiwan socio-eco.dev't.
41 Mindanao Seaweed Industry Development Foundation, Inc. G200100037 02.27.2001 3RD Flr., V.H. WEE Bldg., Veterans Ave. economic dev't.
42 Nida-Ul Islam Foundation, Inc. CN201225705 Ground Flr., Amil's Tower, Pilar St. dev't/peace advocacy
43 Ongchua Francisco School Foundation, Inc. CN200324640 12.22.2003 Zamboanga City
44 Our Blessed Mother of Victory Mission Foundation, Inc. 153777 08.01.1988 Zamboanga City
45 Peace Advocates Zamboanga Foundation (PAZF) Inc. G200200168 Macrohon Cmpd., Suterville, San Jose Gusu Peace Educ.
46 Phil. Board of Studies Foundation, Inc. CN200829963 09.15.2008 700 Alvarez Subd., Pilar St., Brgy. Zone IV Acad./Research
47 Phil.-International (Asian) Institute of Culture and History Foundation, Inc. GNO95-0068 05.09.1995 WMSU, Normal Road, Baliwasan school/educ.
48 Philippine Butterfly and Insect Conservation Foundation, Inc. G2002-00130 06.10.2002 Zamboanga City scientific
49 Reach Out to Others Foundation (ROOF), Inc GNO95-0010 01.03.1995 CDP, WMSU, Normal Road, Baliwasan community dev't.
50 Regional Islamic Salam Development Foundation, Inc. 153069 06.08.1988 Sta.Barbara Religious
51 Rolando Marquez Navarro Sr. Foundation, Inc. CN201225944 DVN Bldg., M. Calixto St. welfare
52 Royal Heritage Foundation, Inc. G1999-00318 11.17.1999 Baliwasan scholarship/welfare
53 Sagrado Corazon Foundation 135430 Pasobolong
54 Salum Volunteer '95 Japan Foundation Inc. CN200627106 04.07.2006 Salum, Upper San Roque community dev't.
55 Samboangan Masonic Temple Builders Foundation, Inc. GNO95-0204 11.22.1995 Zamboanga City
56 Shameer Ryne (SR) Foundation, Inc. CN201429114 Daisy Road, Guiwan livelihood trngs., non-formal educ.
57 Silsilah Foundation, Inc. Doing Business under the Name and Style of Oasis Livelihood and Training Center 126179 04.26.1985 Harmony Village, Pitogo, Sinunuc civic/charitable religious
58 Simeon Natividad Foundation, Inc. G2001-00263 12.20.2001 JM Natividad Drive, Tugbungan scholarship/welfare
59 SJS Batch 83 Scholarship Foundation, Inc. CN200827696 07.04.2008 658 Canelar St., cor. Cabato Drive scholarship
60 Sonshine Drug Treatment & Rehabilitation Foundation, Inc. CN200304831 03.13.2003 Zamboanga City
61 Sto. Niño Foundation-Formation Center, Inc. CN200829942 Estrada St., Tetuan religious
62 Sundance Foundation, Inc. G2001-00008 01.22.2001 850 Dr. Estrada St., Tetuan economic dev't.
63 Ulama Al Khairiya Foundation, Inc. CN200628946 10.20.2006 Lot 4, Blk. 6, MBAI, Upper Calarian religious
64 Unique Progress Academy Foundation, Inc. CN200627164 06.15.2006 Diamond St., Johnston Subd.,San Jose Road Pre-school
65 Vocation Assistance Foundation, Inc. G1997-00320 10.20.1997 Pastor Bonus Seminary, Tetuan religious
66 Wahdatul Ummah Foundation, Inc. G1999-00111 04.14.1999 Atilano Compound, Canelar St. religious
67 Western Mindanao Regional Skills Competition Foundation, Inc. G2001-00133 07.06.2001 #94 Km., Pasonanca economic dev't.
68 Western Mindanao Seaweed Industry Development Foundation, Inc. G2001-00037 02.27.2001 Zamboanga City
69 Western Mindanao State University College of Education Development Foundation, Inc. G2001-00096 05.30.2001 College of Education, WMSU, Normal Road academic
70 Western Mindanao State University Development Foundation, Inc. G1999-00315 11.12.1999 WMSU, Normal Road, Baliwasan social dev't.
71 YLFC Charity Trust Foundation, Inc. CN201028634 06.24.2010 Zone 1, Dumagsa Road, Talisayan socio-eco.dev't.
72 Yogi Learning Center Foundation, Inc. G1995-00056 08.02.1996 Cabato Drive, Veterans Ave. school
73 Zamboanga Bukas-Loob sa Diyos Foundation, Inc. G20000014 #159 Don Alfaro St, Tetuan Religious
74 Zamboanga Chamber of Commerce and Industry Foundation, Inc. 161526 03.22.1989 Rm. 302, Jose Go Huilo Bldg., Tomas Claudio St. economic dev't.
75 Zamboanga Charity Services Foundation, Inc. 126622 06.21.1985 Gov. Alvarez Ave. Religious
76 Zamboanga Child Care Foundation, Inc, G2000-00175 09.05.2000 Pilar Street child health
77 Zamboanga International Foundation for Education and Human Resource Development, Inc. G199800141 06.01.1998 WMSU, Normal Road, Baliwasan HR Dev't.
78 Zamboanga Islamic Library and Da'wah Foundation, Inc. CN200826064 03.06.2008 Putik-Tumaga Road, Putik Religious
79 Zamboanga Jaycees Senators Educational Foundation, Inc. 115172 08.16.1983 Unit A, Bangayan Bldg., Veterans Ave. scholarship
80 Zamboanga Masonic Temple Builders Foundation, Inc. GNO95-0204 11.22.1995 Zamboanga City
81 Zamboanga Medical Research Foundation, Inc. 170092 10.27.1989 Scout Limbaga Rd., Pasonanca scientific/seminars

SEC Validated List of SP Accredited CSO, NGO, and similar aggrupations

Contact Person Position Date of Accreditation Resolution No. Status Name of Organization Address Contact Number
1 Lucia P. Soria President 28-Jun-16 563 A Samahang Operators Drivers Association San Jose Claret Cawa-Cawa, Zamo. City 9066566249 not in database
2 Antonio T. Itturalde President 15-Mar-16 313 A Zamboanga Hemp and Agro-Eco Resource Producers Cooperative Km. 10 La Paz, Zamboanga City 09189044512/09359261084 not in database
3 Alex M. Gracia Director for Mindanao 15-Mar-16 314 A Anti-Crime Group of the Philippines, Inc. (AGPI) 723 Aquarius St.,Pembo, Fort Bonifacio,Makati City not in database
4 Violeta Alejandro President 10-Nov.-15 1298 R Zamboanga City Homeowners' and People's Organizations Federation (ZC-HPOF) HLMD City Government Complex, Pettit Barracks 9263099225 not in database
5 Lourdes B. Eraham President 13-Nov-15 1271 A Tierra Verde Homeowners Asso. Inc. Talon-Talon, Zamboanga City 9352432199 not in database
6 Ms. Grace R. Jugno President 1-Sept.-15 1002 R Sto. Niño Homeowners Association, Inc. Laviña Drive, Triplett Road, Sto. Niño 9173115548 not in database
7 Ms. Josephine C. Bensali President 25-Aug-15 996 R Capok Village Homeowners Association, Inc. Capok, Calarian, ZC not in database
8 Ms. Amancia A. Lim President 25-Aug-15 995 R Hill Top Urban Poor Association, Inc. Luyahan, Pasonanca, ZC 9066188939 active, w/reports submitted
9 Mr. Alfredo A. Gaganting President 25-Aug-15 994 R Hiland Park Urban Poor Association, Inc. Sun Street, Tumaga,ZC
10 Ms. Marlyn B. Dumagat President 25-Aug-15 993 R Mayor Climaco North Homeowners Association, Inc. Shanty Town Luyahan, Pasonanca, ZC not in database
11 Mr. Efren R. Jalon Francisco President 25-Aug-15 997 R Cabatangan Urban Poor Homeowners Association, Inc. Purok 4, Lower Cabatangan, ZC 9051650873 active, w/reports submitted
12 Ms. Marilou R. Facunla President 25-Aug-15 999 R Bagong Pag-Asa Urban Poor Association, Inc. Toribio Drive, Pasonanca, ZC with Show Cause Letter, delinquent
13 Mr. Felimon Rimando President 25-Aug-15 1000 R RMJB Tulungatung Homeowners Association, Inc. Tulungatung, ZC not in database
14 Ms. Lydia T. Ramirez President 25-Aug-15 998 R Villa Rio Urban Poor Association, Inc. Fernandez Drive, Pasonanca, ZC 9358600114 REVOKED
15 Ms. Virginia C. Pilanga President 25-Aug-15 992 R Mayor Climaco South Homeowners Association, Inc. Shanty Town Luyahan, Pasonanca, ZC not in database
16 Ms. Edna T. Claveria President 25-Aug-15 991 R Putik  Riverside Urban Poor Homeowners Association, Inc. Zone 9B, Zambowood, ZC 9068379422 not in database
17 Mr. Abelardo B. Tarroza President 25-Aug-15 990 R Ignacio Ko Homeowners Association, Inc., Little Tondo, San Roque, ZC not in database
18 Ms. Ma. Elizabeth M. Ruste C/A President 25-Aug-15 989 R Tugbungan Morning Breeze Homeowners Association, Inc. Phase 1, Purok 7, Lower Tugbungan, ZC REVOKED
19 Ms. Aida O. Calarion President 25-Aug-15 988 A Bougamvilla Urban Poor Association, Inc. Villa Sta. Maria, ZC active, w/reports submitted
20 Ms. Gerlie L. Berondo President 25-Aug-15 987 R Villa Sta. Maria Riverbank Urban Poor Association, Inc. Purok 4, Villa Sta. Maria, ZC active, w/reports submitted
21 Mr. Roberto S. Abrenica President 25-Aug-15 986 R Sto. Niño Tumaga Plaza Urban Poor Association, Inc. Zone 5, Sto. Niño Plaza, Tumaga, ZC no report submitted,delinquent
22 Ms. Aminda E. Saño EDC President 18-Aug-15 951 R Silsilah Dialogue Movement Silsilah Center, JBC Rodriguez Bldg.,137 Gov. Alvarez Ave. 9830952/9956663 not in database
23 Ms. Darwisa U. Hanapi President 25-Aug-15 985 R Recodo Muslim Homeowners' Association, Inc. Purok 5, Recodo not in database
24 Rev. Pablo G. Palis President 7-Apr-15 363 A National Association of Electricity Consumers for Reforms (NASECORE) Inc. Zamboanga City Chapter Sta. Catalina Multi-Purpose Coop., 64 MPC, Putik 990-1109/ This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it not in database
25 10-Feb-15 146 A Golf Village Upper Calarian Urban Poor Association, Inc Purok 5 Golf Village, Calarian
26 10-Feb-15 149 A Rolando Marquez Navarro , Sr. Foundation Inc. DVN Building, M. Calixto Street Non-Operational
27 Ms. Rowena S. Lamata President 16-Sep-14 1059 R Landing Area Farmers Urban Poor Association, Inc. Gulayan Village, San Jose Gusu active, w/reports submitted
28 Ms. Elena R. Babol President 8-Sept.-15 1042 R Paradise Valley Urban Poor Association, Inc. Pasonanca, Zamboanga City 9069520860 active, w/reports submitted
29 Ms. Lourdes C. Mangaoang President 3-Mar-15 211 R Zamboanga Market Stall Operators, Inc. Main Public Market, JS Alano Street 991-5537/992-2326/991-5566/09156865531 active, w/reports submitted
30 10-Feb-15 147 R San Antonio Homeowners Association, Inc. Tulungatung Resettlement Project, Tulungatung REVOKED
31 10-Feb-15 148 R Our Lady of Lourdes Homeowners Association, Inc. GK Multi-Purpose Hall, Tulungatung Resettlement Project Upper House, Tulungatung not in database
32 Ms. Grace R. Jugno President 01-Sept.-15 1002 R Sto. Niño Homeowners Association, Inc. Laviña Drive, Triplett Road, Sto. Niño San Jose not in database
33 Fr. Angel C. Calvo, CMF President 10-Mar-15 255 R Zamboanga Basilan Integrated Development Alliance Macrohon Compound, Suterville, San Jose Gusu 09177102926/ 09177244319 active, w/reports submitted
34 Prof. Ali T. Yacub, Al-Hj. President 19-Jan-16 66 R Golden Crescent Consortium of Peace Builders and Affiliates PHILMANTRAVEL AND TOURS, 41 SKT Bldg. Rizal St, (beside BDO) Zamboanga City 7000 Philippines 3086/09068560316/09392214073/9092342222 no report submitted,delinquent
35 Ms. Helen L. Salimbot President 8-Sep-15 1043 R Eco-Village Urban Poor Association, Inc. Narra Drive, Tugbungan 9066750057 active, w/reports submitted
36 1-Jul-14 760 R Cabatangan Sunset View Urban Poor Association, Inc Cabatangan, Zamboanga City active, w/reports submitted
37 26-Jun-14 435 R Zamboanga Chamber of Commerce and Industry Foundation, Inc VH Wee Bldg., Veterans Avenue, Zamboanga City 990-2177/ This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it REVOKED
38 10-Jun-14 674 R Saint Micheal Valley Lower Cabatangan Neighbrhood Association, Inc Cabatangan, Zamboanga City not in database
39 Ms. Edena A. Olimba President 10-Jun-14 700 R Talon-Talon  Loop Homeowners Association, Inc. Talon-Talon 09177223172/ 09173070134 not in database
40 19-Mar-14 403 R Good Shepherd Village Homeowners Association, Inc Gate 1, Purok 8, Calarian not in database
41 19-Mar-14 402 R Zamboanga City Community Multi-Purpose Cooperative not in database
42 19-Mar-14 400 A ZAMBOANGA ESPERANZA Teng Grills Restaurant, Airport Road, Moret Canelar not compliant, no reports
43 19-Mar-14 401 A ZAMBOPEN DISASTER RESPONSE TEAM, INC #03 Bougaunvilla Road Extension, Guiwan not compliant, no reports
44 4-Sep-13 749 R Amor Con Amor Village Homeowners Association, Inc. Phase 1 Curuan not in database
45 4-Sep-13 748 R Sinunuc Mira-mar Homeowners Association, Inc. Sinunuc not in database
46 4-Sep-13 753 A Sitio Bammasda Agri-Farmers Multi-purpose Cooperative Davuy, Sibulao, Vitali District not in database
47 4-Sep-13 750 A Veterans Avenue Sta. Cruz Urban Poor Neighborhood Association, Inc. Sta. Cruz, Veterans Extension, Tetuan REVOKED
48 Ms. Felicitas Fernandez President 20-Aug-13 709 R Felicity Hills Divisoria Subdivision Association, Inc. Divisoria not compliant, no reports
49 Mr. Cesar E. Gregorio President 20-Aug-13 708 R JRC Hills Homeowners' Association, Inc. Lunzuran not in database
50 Datu Hussayin Arpa Acting President 20-Aug-13 710 R Philippine Council for Sama and Badjau, Inc. Melitina Drive, Tetuan, Zamboanga City 9267638393
51 14-Aug-13 663 A Ayudahan Homeowners Association, Inc. Tumaga not in database
52 14-Aug-13 658 A Bernal Ecology Village Homeowners Association, Inc. Maasin not in database
53 14-Aug-13 668 A Buenagatas Homeowners Association, Inc. Phase 1 Buenagatas, Boalan not in database
54 14-Aug-13 670 A Buenagatas Homeowners Association, Inc. Phase 2 Buenagatas, Boalan not in database
55 14-Aug-13 669 A Del Castillo Homeowners Association, Inc. Lumbangan not in database
56 14-Aug-13 675 A Dugan Ecology Village Homeowners Association, Inc. Lunzuran not in database
57 14-Aug-13 667 A Durassalam Homeowners Association, Inc. Purok 5, Tumaga Porcentro not in database
58 14-Aug-13 662 A Green Bay San Roque Urban Poor Association, Inc. Pantano, San Roque not in database
59 14-Aug-13 666 R Hawaii Urban Poor Association, Inc. Logoy Diutay, Talon-Talon active, w/reports submitted
60 14-Aug-13 673 A Isla Verde Urban Poor Association, Inc. Gov. Alvarez Ext., Tetuan non compliant
61 14-Aug-13 671 A Judith DC David Homeowners' Association, Inc. Lumbangan not in database
62 14-Aug-13 664 R La Virgen De Fatima Homeowners Association, Inc. Km. 4, Talon-Talon
63 14-Aug-13 674 A Mafuerza Calle De Palmeras Drive U.P.A., Inc. Palmeras Road, Guiwan not compliant, no reports
64 14-Aug-13 655 A Magkaisa Urban Poor Homeowners Association, Inc. Madrazo Drive, M.C. Enriquez St., Tetuan not in database
65 14-Aug-13 653 R Putik Urban Poor Association, Inc. Caling Lobregat Village, Putik active, w/reports submitted
66 14-Aug-13 659 A Reyna Homeowners Association, Inc. Mercedes not in database
67 14-Aug-13 660 A Upper Calarian Farmers and Fishermen Urban Poor Association, Inc. Purok 7, Arcillas Beach, Upper Calarian active, w/reports submitted
68 Ms. Editha A. Tolosig President 14-Aug-13 650 R ZC Greenfield Homeowners Association, Inc. San Roque '09279584279 not in database
69 14-Aug-13 657 A ZC Homeowners' and Urban Poor Youth Organization, Inc. HLMD City Government Complex, Pettit Barracks not in database
70 7-Aug-13 628 R Don Ramon Evangelista Homeowners' Association, Inc. Purok 04-a, Sta. Catalina not in database
71 7-Aug-13 619 A St. Clare Multi-Purpose Cooperative Tumaga not in database
72 7-Aug-13 626 A Villa Sta. Maria Riverbank Urban Poor Association, Inc. Purok 4, Villa Sta. Maria not in database
73 29-Jul-13 607 R Kabalikat Civicom 182 Chapter Zamboanga Chapter Delos Santos Drive, Putik not in database
74 Engr. Romeo Voltaire R. Garcia Vice Governor 29-Jul-13 605 R Kabalikat Civicom Association, Inc., 183 Chapter, Zamboanga Central ADZU Main Campus-GS-OSP, La Purisima St. 9177113283 not in database
75 Dr. Gloria G. Florendo President 29-Jul-13 606 R Sonshine Drug Abuse Intervention Center, Inc. P.O. Box 372, PPC IX Abong Abong, Pasonanca 985-1779 active, w/reports submitted
76 Mr. Felixberto T. Eleno Chairman 24-Jul-13 552 R City Accountant's Office Credit Cooperative City Hall Annex Bldg., NS Valderrosa St. 991-2284S not in database
77 Mr. Effrenddy . Estipona President 24-Jul-13 549 R D' Alert Network Association, Inc. WMSU-College of Criminal Justice Education, Baliwasan 9062915388 REVOKED
78 Dr. Grace J. Rebollos President 24-Jul-13 551 R Reach Out To Others Foundation, Inc. CPD Adjunct Office, 2nd Floor Health Service Center, WMSU, Baliwasan 991-6736/09177102558 active, w/reports submitted
79 Mr. Arturo A. Cabidog Manager 24-Jul-13 553 R Sangguniang Panlungsod Multi-Purpose Cooperative Ground Floor, Galvez Bldg., Baliwasan 9066648613 not in database
80 Ms. Leonor A. Aizon Manager 24-Jul-13 550 R Zamboanga City Government Employees Multi-Purpose Cooperative (ZCGEMPCo) JFEMSC-Grandstand, R.T. Lim Blvd. 9173105232 not in database
81 Ms. Amelita Y. Lachica Chairman of the Board 24-Jul-13 548 R Zamboanga Social Welfare Development Multi-Purpose Cooperative (ZAMSOWEDCO) 1/F Bangayan Bldg., Gen. Vicente S. Alvarez St. 9069759701 not in database
82 Mr. Felix Louell G. Saavedra President 15-Jul-13 530 R Zamboanga ICT Council c/o Soroptomist International Bldg., Veterans Avenue 990-1009/09179121322 not in database
83 Ms. Zenaida A. Torres President 10-Jul-13 480 R Association of Creative and Performing Arts of Zambo. (ACPAZ), Inc. #5 Gonales Drive, Sampaguita Road, Guiwan 993-1193 EXPIRED
84 Mr. Teddy M. Kahil President 10-Jul-13 478 R Vision Impaired Society Towards Advancement (VISTA), Inc. Vista MassageTherapy Clinic, Gen. Vicente Alvarez corner Sevilla St. 992-7625 active, w/reports submitted
85 Hon. Lilia M. Nuño President 10-Jul-13 481 R Zamboanga City Rural Improvement Club Federation c/o Office of the City Agriculturist, Tumaga 985-0910 not in database
86 Fr. Angel C. Calvo, CMF Chairperson 27-Jun-13 457 R Katalingban Para Sa Kalambuan Organization, Inc. ZABIDA Center, Suterville, San Jose Guso 09177102926/9925297 not in database
87 Fr. Angel C. Calvo, CMF President 27-Jun-13 455 R Peace Advocate Zamboanga (PAZ) ZABIDA Center, Suterville, San Jose Guso 992-2572/9552566 active, w/reports submitted
88 Ms. Teresita U. Sebastian Vice Chairman 26-Jun-13 436 R Mindanao Business Council, Inc. c/o PNB WESTMIN Area Office active
89 Dr. Victor A. Liozo, Jr. Administrator 26-Jun-13 437 R Philippine Red Cross, Zamboanga City Chapter PNRC Compound, Rizal St. Pettit Barracks 992-1622/991-2015/09173101062 not in database
90 Mr. Edwin To President 26-Jun-13 435 R ZC Chamber of Commerce & Industry Foundation, Inc. 3/F BHW Building, Veterans Avenue 991-0190/09273478674
91 Mr. Leonardo Y. Tan President 13-Jun-13 412 R Rm.305, 3/F, BG Investments & Development Corporation Bldg., Cor. T.Claudio and Nunez St.,ZC 991-0959 email address: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it
92 Ms. Leticia J. Plagata President 3-Apr-13 297 R Association of Retired Gov't Officials & Employees (ARGOE) c/o GEMRAE Food Restaurant, Gov. Ramos, Sta. Maria 991-4274/926-9852
93 Mr. Alain F. Aquino President 13-Mar-13 215 R 4-Strokes Motorcycle Club 583 Canelar Moret 990-2920/09275273011 not in database
94 Mr. Al-fridz R. Kingking, RN President 13-Mar-13 213 R Operating Room Nurses Association of the Philippines (ORNAP), Inc. Operating Room, ZCMC, Dr. Evangelista St., Veterans Avenue 09055754978/984-0030/09177081764 active
95 Dr. Diolito G. Sonido Chairman & CEO 13-Mar-13 214 R Western Mindanao Foundation College, Inc. 4th Floor Doña Vicente Building, Gov. Lim Avenue 955-7756/09068430033 active, w/reports submitted

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