Distance from the City Proper 4.71 kms
Political District District II
Historical Background

In the olden days, this place had no name. The place was full of bushes, swamps and mangroves. When migrants from Luzon came to stay in this place, they had to jump to reach across the swamps. There were then six (6) families who were residing in this place and when they were asked of their residence, they would answer as "Talon Talon". This is how Talon-Talon got its name.

There are industrial establishments that help minimize unemployment within the community such as: 1 Plywood Factory, 1 Plastic Factory, 10 Lumberyards, 2 Iron Works, 1 Shell and 10 Box Factories, 2 Food Factories (Gulaman, and Ampao), 3 Sand and Gravel and Hollow Blocks Factories, 1 Ice Plant, 1 Flea Market and 3 Mini-Slaughterhouses.

For Commercial: 10 Fishing industries, 50 Drier or bularan, 5 Saltbeds and 1 Gasoline Station.

The land area is 30% devoted to farming, 10% is salt bed while 60% is residential. The coastal area is surrounded with seaweeds and fishponds farming.


It is bounded on the west by Barangay Kasanyangan; on the east by Barangay Mampang; on the north by Barangay Tugbungan; and on the south by Barangay Mariki.

The whole area is a plain.  Climate is relatively dry from February to April and wet for the rest of the year.  Soil classifications are sandy and clay.  There are salt bends along the shoreline at the southern part of the barangay.

Barangay Fiesta

May 13, for the lower portion of the barangay

May 15, for Sitio Logoy Diutay

Total Population (2007 Census) 30,570
Number of Households 3,841
Punong Barangay Teodyver A. Arquiza
Barangay Kagawad Casimir O. Candido
Neil C. Galvez
Victorino D. Ibalio
Eleanor R. Tura
Nurthaimin M. Ismael
Munib A. Yusup
Jesus J. Jamolod