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Distance from the City Proper 54.00 kms
Political District District II
Historical Background

Long time ago, during the Spanish era, in the year 1891, some Muslims had already occupied the place near the seashore and just beside it is a large area of mangroves full of big trees namely, bakhawan, pagotpot, and bungalou. Half kilometers from the said place was a hilly place, which was full of trees, the place where the natives would enjoy hunting wild animals. At the top site, several beautiful wild things could be seen such as the very clear seas, islands, mangroves, wildlife such as trees, flowers and animals.

One day, a troop of Spanish army passed by the place. They enjoyed looking around while the natives of the place were hiding in a big trunk of tress. One of the Spanish army who admired the beauty of what he had seen exclaimed, “Buenavista”, meaning good and beautiful sight. When the natives heard what they said they thought that the name of that place was “Buenavista”.

In 1958, Buenavista was enacted as one of the Barangays of Zamboanga City. It is a Barangay 54 kilometers away from the city proper and composed of seven (7) puroks.


Buenavista is an agricultural land planted with coconut trees.  Banana and different kinds of local fruits can just be found along the highway.  Most hilly areas are planted with corn, upland rice and cassava.

Barangay Fiesta May 12
Total Population (2007 Census) 5,218
Number of Households 1,207
Punong Barangay Eugene C. Jumawan
Barangay Kagawad Lorena D. Lambojon
Araceli C. Enesando
Danilo B. Comeros
Orlan S. Bulanon
Melchor S. Macapas
Joey L. Magsucang
Nanie A. Hakim