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Celso-Beng-Erbie-Dalipe lead city officials circa 2007-2010;vow to move Zamboanga forward

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CITY OFFICIALS for 2007-2010 led by Mayor Celso Lobregat, Representatives Beng Climaco and Erbie Fabian and Vice Mayor Jose Manuel Dalipe were formally installed into office 12 noon Saturday, June 30, with the commitment to pursue plans and programs aimed to “move Zamboanga ever forward and in the right direction”.

MAYOR Celso Lobregat, Vice Mayor Manuel Dalipe and Representatives Erbie Fabian (District II) and Beng Climaco (District I) take their oath before their individual administering officers before noon of June 30. Joey Bautista
      The installation of the new officials followed the solemn oath taking rites held at the posh Astoria Regency in Pasonanca shortly before noontime. The ceremonies marked the beginning of a new Zamboanga City which now sports two congressional districts by virtue of Republic Act 9269.

      “A few moments ago we took our oath of office and pledged before God and people to serve only the best interest of Zamboanga City,” Mayor Lobregat said in his inaugural speech the second since 2004 when he was first elected into office as the city’s chief executive.

      In 2004, Lobregat said he committed to serve the city the best way he can and he knew how with all sincerity and integrity. “The last election was a referendum of that oath and I thank you for acknowledging what we have done in the last three years”.

      He said the city government under his administration will continue to pursue the 17-point agenda anchored on a contract of unity and continuity which the Laban ng Demokratikong Pilipino presented in 2004 as well as in the last elections.

      It was through the same platform, he stressed that the candidates under his party were overwhelmingly elected in 2004 and also last May 14, 2007. 15 of the 20 elective positions were swept by the Lobregat-led LDP, a victory that reflects the people’s trust and confidence on his administration, he said.

      In the same speech, Lobregat thanked his supporters, volunteers and watchers who did not only vote for the party but also helped secure the votes and made sure that the will of the people prevail. The result of the election, he said, proved that Zamboanguenos “are intelligent voters and they are not swayed by the incessant black propaganda and misinformation hurled against me and my party mates”.

       The fresh and strong mandate gives the Lobregat administration the opportunity to continue to lead the city to greater heights and to attain its vision of having a city that is unique in Southeast Asia.

       The re-elected mayor also announced his immediate plans to construct and establish the integrated bus terminal, develop the sea walk in the former CDCP area and park walk in Pasonanca, start developing public cemeteries, further develop resettlement sites, construct more school buildings while at the same time continue to deliver basic services such as potable water in the barangays, construction of drainage and flood controls and road expansion and concreting.

       However, he stressed, the different plans and programs lined up for implementation cannot be fully achieved within the three short years of his term and that it cannot be done without the political will, without the needed resources and revenues and most specially without the support of the people.

       As what he said in his 2004 inaugural address, Lobregat reiterated that he would need the support of the 98 barangays and the entire city government to achieve the plans and programs. Likewise, he would need the help, support and understanding not only of the private and business sectors but all residents, he said.

      “I appeal for everyone’s help, understanding and continuing support. We need to aim higher, we need to move faster and deliver more with less. Hard decisions have to be made; we have to bite the bullet if we are to succeed”, Lobregat said quoting from his 2004 inaugural address.

      Congresswoman Climaco of District I and Cong. Fabian of District II also delivered their individual messages where they rolled out their plans for their districts within the next three years.

       Climaco, who was the former Vice Mayor, delivered her speech in chavacano. She thanked the constituents for giving her the vote of confidence to represent the city’s first district in Congress.

       She said she will work closely with the 37 barangays in District I as well as the different government agencies and non-government organizations for the implementation of flagship projects in her area.

       For his part, Fabian said the inaugural rites yesterday was a celebration of the three years that was passed and the beginning of another journey. “I am so blessed to have been given the chance to continue on my legacy of service dubbed as service in perpetual motion”.

       He vowed to do his “very best to foster a spirit of teamwork and cooperation that will keep our leaders working for a better, more progressive and more peaceful Zamboanga”.

        Taking their oath along with Mayor Lobregat, Representatives Fabian and Climaco and Vice Mayor Dalipe were 15 members of the City Council—Hon. Charlie Mariano, Hon. Cesar Jimenez, Hon. Melchor Rey Sadain, Hon. Ethelinda Abarro, Hon. Rodolfo Lim, Hon. Rogelio Valesco Jr. and Hon. Luis Biel III of District I and Hon. Asbi Edding, Hon. Juan Climaco Elago II, Hon. Cesar Iturralde, Hon. Lilia Nuno, Hon. Roel Natividad, Hon. Benjamin Guingona III, Hon. Eduardo Saavedra and Hon. Reynerio Candido of District II.

       Councilor Jaime Cabato chose to take his oath separately at a local hotel also before noon of June 30.

       The oath taking and installation rites were supposed to be held at the open stage fronting City Hall but was moved to Astoria Regency due to the inclement weathe. (City Hall PIO)

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