Distance from the City Proper 19.00 kms
Political District District II
Historical Background

Barangay Taluksangay is situated 19 kilometers east of Zamboanga City's commercial district.  It was in this village where the first Islamic culture was introduced in 1885 and where the first Islamic Mosque was constructed.

This attests to the fact that Taluksangay was the first center of Islamic propagation in the Zamboanga Peninsula.

Since then, Muslim religious missionaries from Arabia, India, Malaysia, Indonesia and Borneo have been flocking to this village.  Tourists from all over the world, most particularly from Europe and America and dignitaries from Islamic countries never fail to visit this place.

Sheik-Al Islam, a representative of the Sultan of Turkey, visited Taluksangay in the later part of 1914.

Barangay Fiesta Fiestas are not celebrated since residents are predominantly Muslims.  Instead, festivities are observed during the Hariraya Ei'dil Fitri as the culmination of the Holy Month of Ramadan.
Total Population (2007 Census) 7,116
Number of Households 1,266
Punong Barangay Abdurahman B. Nuño
Barangay Kagawad Lilibeth N. Belloso
Adnan K. Abdurahim
Jubail U. Buhaini
Wahid D. Sahi
Abdulmajid A. Jailani
Ahmad M. Jailani
Mubin M. Abdurahim